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Our Kennels

Choosing the right boarding kennels for you dog is no easy choice; you’re not going to leave your beloved dog with just anyone. That why here at Vigorous Boarding Kennels, we have a team of dog loving professionals who have made working with dogs their life’s goal.

When you bring your dog to stay at our dog boarding kennels, they will be treated as if they are one of our own; with the utmost care and respect. All of the boarding kennels are cleaned every single day.

At Vigorous Boarding Kennels, we provide each and every dog with their own kennel and outdoor space. We don’t believe in mixing dogs since this can cause problems that can be easily avoided. However, although the dogs in our care do not share outdoor space, they can still see one another and know they are not alone.

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Our Land

One thing that sets us apart from other boarding kennels, other than our experience working with dogs for so many years, is the amount of land we have. Not only do all dogs have their own cosy kennel at Vigorous Boarding Kennels, we also offer 3.25 miles of extra outdoor exercise room! This outdoor space is completely private land, and consists of walking paths and exercise runs for the dogs to enjoy.

Our land is also covered with a CCTV security system as well as alarms. We pride ourselves on keeping your dog safe while in our care from any form of risk. This security system is also in place so that in the rare case that a problem happens, we are able to go back and see exactly what happened.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Kennels

  • I am looking for dog kennels near me, where are you located?

    We are located in Cloughaleigh, County Tipperary, but accept dogs from all over Ireland. Some customers find it easy enough if they are going cross-country to drop their dog off on the way to their location.

  • Will you bring my dog on a walk every day?

    Yes! All dogs are walked every day, as well as having free access to their own private outdoor space at any time. As we clean each dogs kennel every day, during that they also have outdoor time.

  • Do you provide toys for the dogs?

    Yes, we have a great selection of toys for your dog to choose from.