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At Vigorous Boarding Kennels, we are proud to provide top quality dog boarding. Our whole team of professionals are here to make sure that your dog feels at home and are given the best care while you are away.

Our team has the expertise and experience to care for all dogs, no matter the breed or the size. Our doggy day-care even has the ability to board dogs that have special diets or are on medications. However, please note that if your dog is on a medication or a special diet that you will have to bring the food or medication they need with them for their stay.

To stop the spread of any diseases or illnesses, all dogs that come into our care must be up to date on all of their vaccinations and must be treated for fleas and ticks.

To book your dog’s boarding stay, please call us today.

The Vigorous Boarding Kennels Difference

When you bring your pet to our dog boarding kennel at Vigorous Boarding Kennels, you are not only ensuring that they are left in capable hands, but you are also ensuring that they will have a great time while you are away. We want your dog to feel calm when they are here, and we do all we can to cater to the dogs in our care.

Our exclusively private land consists of multiple exercise runs and walking paths for the dogs to enjoy daily while staying with us. All dogs that are in our care have their own kennels, and we are sure to never mix dogs. This means that each and every dog in our care has its own kennel as well as its own outdoor space. You’ll never have to worry about any incidents happening with other dogs while they are in our care.

However, if something does occur while your dog is staying with us, we have a veterinarian close by that is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To ensure the safety of your pet, please make sure to inform us before your dog’s stay if they have a special diet (please bring their food with you), if they are on any medications (please bring this with you), or if your dog has special needs (blind, deaf, etc.).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding

  • I’m looking for kennels near me, where are you located?

    Vigorous Boarding Kennels is located in Tipperary, however we serve customers from all over Ireland.

  • Is your rate of 15 euro a night the same for any size dog?

    Yes, our 15 euro a night is a flat rate that applies to all breeds and sizes. If you are boarding your dog for longer, we can discuss special rates – just call us!

  • My dog is on a special diet, will you provide the right food?

    If your dog is on a special diet, please bring their food with you – enough for your dog’s stay.