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Welcome to Vigorous Boarding Kennels

Here at Vigorous Boarding Kennels, we opened our doors for dog boarding in May 2007. We have a professional team of dog lovers who have been working with all breeds of dogs for many years. Before opening as a dog kennel, we started as breeders and trainers, working with dogs for many years. This means we know how to properly care for dogs of all breeds.
When you bring your dog to our boarding kennel, you can be sure that they will be cared for as if they are one of our own. At Vigorous Boarding Kennels, we provide each and every dog with their very own kennel and outdoor space, and we clean this space daily.
As well, all of our land is secured and monitored with CCTV and alarms.


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" I was going on a month long trip for work so I left both my dogs in with Vigorous, I was dreading the thought of leaving them for so long. When I returned the dogs were delighted to see me, but sad to be leaving all their new friends and playground! Thanks team vigorous, my dogs had more of a holiday than me! "

James, Waterford

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Your Need To Know Information

Your Need To Know Information

  • We welcome all breeds of dog to our boarding kennels

  • We have a flat rate of 15 euro a night

  • All dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations and treated for fleas and ticks before arriving

  • We have a nearby veterinarian for all emergencies

  • We have 3.25 miles of private land that includes walking paths and exercise runs

  • Each dog has their own kennel and outdoor area

  • We provide a large quantity of doggy toys and play items for all dogs to enjoy

If you have any questions about our dog boarding kennel, please give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vigorous Boarding Kennels

  • I am looking for dog boarding kennels near me, where are you located?

    We are located in Cloughaleigh, Tipperary with 3.25 miles of private land for your dogs to have free run of.

  • I have a dog with special needs, are you able to care for them?

    Yes, we have experience caring for dogs with special needs that is no problem. Please just let us know in advance, and if they have any medication or a special diet, please bring that with you for them for their stay.